Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Written by Emmanuel Beckett | Reporter

Here in Greater Cincinnati, there’s a somewhat unique Thanksgiving tradition for those who want to burn some calories before the big meal. Most traditions involve tossing around the old pig-skin, or getting up really early to prepare cooking. For the past 103 years, Cincinnati has had something called the Turkey Trot, also known as the Thanksgiving Day Race.

The Thanksgiving Day Race is the oldest race of any kind in the Midwest, and has become a significant part of the holiday for the thousands who run the 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) course.

30 time Thanksgiving Day Race runner Bob Fritz had lots of fun running this race in the past.

“Runners that are new to the race should just have fun,” said Mr. Fritz.

New runners can sign up on the day of the raceat Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati for only $40, and sign up online at for $34 before the race. Parking is free.

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