Human trafficking awareness day

Human trafficking awareness day

Written by London Montgomery | Reporter


What is Human Trafficking?

  • Illegal trading of a human being for sexual or labor purposes.

How does it affect me?

  • It shows you the real part of society, the scarier part of it. And it shows you how us as a nation should be working together to form a safer and healthier environment.

What is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day?

  • It is a day out of the year where you get to know about the severities of human trafficking. Some organizations have a program for the day, such as the Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati.

What places support Human Trafficking?

  • Everywhere
  • According to an article on Yahoo!, Toledo, Ohio is the third largest city in the United States for Human Trafficking and Child Slavery.

How can we help?




Quote from Not For Sale: “Traffickers move opportunistically to prey on vulnerable populations. In the 1980s, the trafficking of girls out of eastern Europe hardly registered on the radar screen. Following the economic and political collapse of the Soviet Union, that situation changed dramatically. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that roughly a quarter of a million females were trafficked within Europe alone “from East to West” since 1991.”


Photograph: Guardian Express


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