Administrators step up until Cruse returns

Administrators step up until Cruse returns

Written by Lindsay Myers | Editor-in-Chief


Joel Gentry Cruse
Joel Gentry Cruse

      Mrs. Cruse, 9-12 Principal, will be on maternity leave for most of first quarter. She will be taking care of her baby boy, Joel Gentry Cruse, who was born in June. While her absence will be noticeable, the administration has created a plan in order to keep the school running smoothly.

      Mr. Sprankles, 6-12 Principal, Mrs. Grote, Upper House Principal, and Mr. Castator, the current principal of operations, have stepped up and assumed additional responsibilities above and beyond their normal duties.

      “Of course a few of us will be doing ‘double–duty’ but that is part of what working in a team means,” said Sprankles.

      Instead of taking off the month of July, Grote chose to put in extra hours, and Sprankles will assume the greater part of the responsibilities of the high school principal.

      “It is no different than when a key player from any other sport, club or team is out – and when that happens – everyone else chips in,” said Sprankles.

      The greatest challenge is going to be making sure the new middle school opens properly and supervising the progress of the new high school which will open next fall.

      “Her absence will not have a dramatic impact on the student body because we have developed a strong plan for coverage. However – she will be missed and her absence will be obvious,” said Sprankles.


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