College and Career Development Day helps PHS students protect their plans

College and Career Development Day helps PHS students protect their plans

Written By Montez Jackson | Reporter

Thursday, September 19th is 2013’s College and Career Development Day. This annual event, going on its second year at Princeton, has many students excited and curious.

According to Mrs. Ritzie, history teacher, who was involved in the planning of College and Career Development Day, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will all be busy on this day. Students will be testing and exploring their options for the near and not-so-near future.

“The freshmen will be taking the explore test, the sophomores will be taking the plan test, the juniors will be taking a practice ACT and the seniors will be attending different seminars on college and career development,” said Ritzie.

The cafeteria was also buzzing with many of Princeton’s Vikings opinions on importance of college and career development day and whether it is valuable use of time.

“It depends on if the person knows where they’re going to college at or not. For the people who don’t know what they’re doing it’s a great way to learn what kinds of jobs are out there, what kinds of meetings you’ll be going to for college. You can learn what kinds of colleges are nearby and what you want to do. Now for the people who are already set up I think it’s a waste of time because if you’re already set up then there’s no reason to explore any other options. I think it should more of an option, if you want to you can go through these courses instead of  going to your normal classes, and if you already know what you’re doing you can just stay in your normal classes and have a normal day,” said Nick Klein, senior.

Destiny Turner, senior, believes that this day is not only useful, but should be mandatory for all students.

“I think it’s useful because we don’t realize how many opportunities are presented to us until we have a College and Career Readiness Day. And not everyone is meant to go to college. When you do things like this, it shows where you’re at and if you should go to college or not,” said Turner.

Realizing the importance of the day, some seniors wish that they had this type of day when they were a freshmen.

“Freshman should definitely be involved because it’s never too early to start planning your future,” said Brianna Cotton, senior.

Many seniors hope that college and career development day will aid them in their college searches and figure out what they truly want for their future.

“Right now I’m swapping between a few different ideas so hopefully with college and career day I might be able to concrete and find out really what kind of major I want, what college I want to go to unless I can concrete it before,” said Klein.

Whether students recognize the importance or not, all of Princeton High School will be participating in College and Career Development Day on Thursday morning to help students protect their plans for the future.


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