Oedipus with a twist

Oedipus with a twist

Written by Lindsay Myers | Editor-in-Chief


The cast of Oedipus rehearse for their upcoming performances
The cast of Oedipus rehearses for their upcoming performances

Princeton High School thespians had their opening night of Oedipus last night, September 19. After a successful first performance, they hope to draw larger crowds of students for the next three showings, Saturday, September 21, Thursday, September 26, and Saturday, September 28.

The cast includes Terry Webb (Oedipus), Grace Weir (Jocaste), Jake Morgan (Creon) and Seth Hazen (Tieresius). There will also be original music composed and performed by Natasha Moses.

The play is based on the Greek tragedy by Sophocles of the same name.

“It’s about a king who is kind of diving into what his past was and struggling with the power he has now,” said Katie Ferchen, the student director.

However, the adaption that the Princeton cast is performing is a lot more modern than the original. Unlike the original, the chorus is made up of a janitor, a shepherd, and Oedipus’s daughter.

There is no punctuation in the adaption so the actors have the freedom of interpretation. They can add emphasis or pauses where they see fit.

A modern twist is not the only unique aspect of the performance. The whole audience will be on stage throughout the entire play to create an audience interactive performance.

Oedipus will be performed as a promenade-style show.This means that the audience members will be approached and referenced by the actors. They also have the freedom to move around and are encouraged to walk around the set.

“The audience was bewildered because it wasn’t just a sit and watch kind of a show,” said Mr. Fielder, producer/director.

There were more parents than students at the opening night of Oedipus. Fielder hopes that audience participation will increase when more students are in the audience.

“I think the students are going to embrace it more,” said Fielder.

Many students will be attending performances of Oedipus during their English classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

“It’s a weird show. I really love it, but its so outside the comfort zone for normal people,” said Fielder.

For tickets, go to http://www.matthewsauditorium.com.


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