NHS blood drive saves lives

Written by Jamelia Watson | Reporter

Every 2 seconds, someone in the U.S. is in need of blood. According to the American Red Cross, more than 44,000 blood donations are needed every day. Princeton High School (PHS) is full of lifesaving blood donors. National Honor Society (NHS) will be hosting three blood drives this school year for the Hoxworth Blood Center. The first blood drive will take place on Tuesday, October 1st during the school day.


According to Mr. Cheek, NHS adviser, Princeton has been involved with Hoxworth for more than ten years. The expected turnout for this blood drive is more than 100 donors.


“We tend to have a solid turnout. Every person who donates impacts at least 3 people in need,” said Cheek.


Blood drives are an essential part of a community. They allow a person in need to receive blood from an individual who is willing to give back to their community.


“It helps people a lot, one of the things that is important, is that blood doesn’t last forever,” said Mark Mendoza, one of the NHS blood drive chairs.


It is important to have consecutive blood drives, so that people can donate as frequently as possible, which is why PHS hosts three.


“Three blood drive schedules work because every single person can donate every single time. People get into the habit of donating blood so that we can have consistent amounts of blood.” said Mendoza.


Today is the last day to sign up to give blood on October 1st. To sign up, see any NHS member or Mr. Cheek.


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