Princeton works with Fill the Truck

Written by Bridgette McCammon | Reporter

The Princeton City Schools district is working with an organization called Fill the Truck through the month of December until December 19. This is the fourth year Princeton has worked with this organization.

Fill The Truck is benefiting The Healing Center, a program connected to The Vineyard. The goal of Fill The Truck is to fill a semi-truck with clothing, canned foods, safety supplies, home goods, and personal care items to help over 3,000 people each month.

Mrs. Zennicker, building coordinator for Fill The Truck and PHS librarian, has been working with Frame USA to encourage donations from Princeton for Fill The Truck.

“[Princeton] became involved because of Frame USA and Frame USA partners with Princeton on this project,” said Zennicker.

A lot of families are helped by The Healing Center, including some who live in the Princeton district.

“The Healing Center is used in many ways. They have an area that’s just a food pantry. They have clothing, and an area for household items. They have all kinds of resources for their people. They actually service 300 families a week. I don’t know who, but many of our Princeton families benefit from The Healing Center,” said Mrs. Zennicker.

There are many circumstantial reasons families need The Healing Center.

“[The Healing Center] is used for people who have lost their jobs. Sometimes, they have lost their home. It could be a situation where there is a family emergency or an illness,” said Zennicker.

You can bring donations to the PHS media center or donate online by paying for the items you want to contribute. Fill The Truck will, then, buy the items you ordered online and put them in the truck. You can make online donations at


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