Students Embrace New School

Inspirational posters in the Grid
Inspirational posters in the Grid

From-Odin’s Word

Have you ever taken the time to explore our new building? Princeton High School (PHS) has  many new things. The school itself is a new addition. Lots of students probably haven’t had the time take the new stuff all in. With such a variety, from new classrooms to new laptops, what really makes this school special?

PHS has been thriving since its grand opening in 1954. After 60 years, the Princeton community voted to start a new chapter in a brand new building, which has a variety of new technology.

The GRID is the media center, or library. Dana Zinnecker, a school paraprofessional, loves The GRID. The new area is chock-full of new ways to research including Macbooks, iPads, regular computer monitors and a plethora of books.

“My favorite part would be the new technological advances. I think that piece is going to be really nice. It gives us the opportunity to actually grow as technology changes because we have a newer facility and we have all these things we didn’t have before,” said Zinnecker.

One of the many reasons The GRID  is so popular is the skylight which allows lots of natural light to shine into the area.

Skylight in the Media Center
Skylight in the Media Center

“We can hold a lot more classes at one time, which is a plus for us. we have the ability to assist more students. It allows us to do lots of different types of projects,” said Zinnecker.

According to students, the second most popular area is the art wing. Kiana Foster, sophomore, believes that it is  the best place for inspiration and productivity.

“In this class, I can express myself . Unlike the other classes where everything is straight to the point, this class is so freeing,” said Foster.

One of the many reasons that Foster feels this way, is the new balcony. She feels that this new view is a great way to get her creative juices flowing. The balcony contains personalized chairs  created by art students from previous years, computers, and a great view of the GRID below.

“I like how we are not isolated by desks. [I ALSO like] the ‘rolly’ chairs,” Foster said.

Frederik Lilleor, senior exchange student from Denmark,also loves the new rooms.

“I like how the tables aren’t that organized. You can just sit wherever you like,” said Lilleor.

The third most popular area is  the cafeteria. The new cafeteria contains many features that the old cafeteria didn’t have. This year, the students are provided with a larger space, and have more tables and booths to sit at, including the legendary “senior section.”

Francisco Bartolon, senior, gives his insight on the new cafeteria.

“My favorite part about the cafeteria is the fact that the cafeteria is very spacious. I like the senior tables, they aren’t round. Now you can just put them together and make them longer,” said Bartolon.

The cafeteria is also popular because of the variety of options provided for the students. Taylor Roberts,sophomore, also enjoys this area.

“I like the vending machines, because they have different selections. I [also] like the space and the sunlight.” said Roberts.

Students like the school for many reasons. The new building has so many new features to explore and discover for personal enjoyment. The only way you could catch them all is by stopping to smell the roses.


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