Girls Bball Looks for Another Winning Season

From Odin’s Word

How would it feel to have to live up to the achievement of last year’s Princeton High School (PHS) Girls’ basketball team? During the 2013-2014 season, the PHS girls’ varsity basketball team beat North Canton Hoover at the state level. With such an accomplishment being held over their heads, will they be able to become state champions again?

Markayla Sherman, varsity point guard, had the opportunity to travel with the Lady Vikes to Columbus.

“Being a part of a state champion team was a great experience,” said Sherman. “I think we’ll be able to compete this year.”

Last season was not the first time PHS girls won state.

Candice Campbell,  paraprofessional and track coach at PHS, was a freshman the first time the girls basketball team won State. It took place  in 1987 against Akron Buchtel. Campbell thinks the team will do well because they have impactful returning players from last season.

She believes that the Vikes will have a lot of pressure to perform at a high level, and will be critiqued on everything they do this year.

“[You’re] always as good as your weakest link,”said Campbell. She thinks the team has what it takes to be successful this season.

Campbell has high hopes for the 2014-2015 team and thinks they can win the GMC one again. Campbell thinks the press defense they ran last season was very effective and that it could be effective this season, also. She also believes there will be high expectations for the new coach from the players and the community.

“Change is good,” said Campbell.

Jamal Walker, PHS boys basketball head coach, thinks that the new girl’  varsity coach, Anthony Johnson, is a great choice for the team. Walker mentions that Johnson has great patience, cares about the girls, and will teach them good basketball skills.

Walker thinks the team will be good this upcoming season even though they have a few of  younger players. The Lady Vikes will take time to develop as a team and perform at the Varsity level. Markayla Sherman, Corneisha Henderson, Olivia Lohmeier and LaJessica Olverson are expected to be key players this season. Since being out over an injury last season, Olverson will soon  show that she is back to normal and ready to play hard.

The Lady Vikes will have a target on their backs during every match-up, and every opposing team will consider their game against the Vikes as a big one on their schedule.

Senior basketball player at PHS, DeAsia Morris, said that being a part of a state championship basketball team was a great experience, even though she was injured during the playoffs. Morris thinks the team will do well in the GMC this season. Their new head coach, Anthony Johnson, shows a lot of care for each player and works with them individually  during off-season conditioning. Morris thinks the girls need to improve on working together as a team and learning how to communicate with one another on the court.

“Most players have their own individual skills,” said Morris.

The incoming freshman will be a big asset to the varsity team if they can commit to becoming successful. The school is ready to see how the Lady Vikes perform this season.

State finals, here Princeton comes.


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