Tara Thielmeyer Helps With Pals

There are lots of volunteers in the Princeton community. Some volunteer in classrooms and others volunteer at school functions like dances, sporting events and theater performances.

20140923_063654Tara Thielmeyer is a volunteer at Princeton High School (PHS). She used to work in the emergency room at University Hospital in Cincinnati, but now she works from home. She spends her time sewing and baking cakes along with taking care of her son and her elderly grandparents.

Tara’s son, Chase Thielmeyer, is her inspiration to volunteer. Chase is a student at Princeton who has deferred his diploma to continue to participate in the special education program at PHS.

Tara is not the average volunteer. She does most of her work from home and spends about 20 hours per week volunteering, creating and selling items from home and at school events. She sells personalized blankets, down vests, fleece sweatshirts, bumper stickers and jewelry. The profits she makes go to benefit the PHS Pals Club.

The Pals Club is a group for students at PHS who have special needs. Its goal is to help students who might not participate in other extracurriculars get involved. Thielmeyer says that getting this club up and running has been 20140923_063032a lot of work but it’s been worth it. She wants to encourage any students who need a social activity in their lives to join the club because it’s always looking for new “buddies.”

“It has been very time consuming to get a new club off the ground,” said Thielmeyer. “But when we have our events and see some of the kids who don’t usually participate in any extra activities smiling and interacting with their peers, it makes your heart melt.”

Tara plans to have a website to sell her creations soon but for now, purchases can be made by emailing princeton.pals@aol.com or by contacting Mary Hudson, the work study coordinator in the intervention department at mhudson@princetonschools.net.


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