American Red Cross– Not Your Average Summer Camps

Have you ever wanted to help people, or to protect your family and friends in case of an emergency?  Most people require training to do these things, and there are many camps that provide that preparation.  Most of these camps focus on what you should do in case of an emergency. While The American Red Cross Leadership Development Camp (LDC) does include these things, it also focuses on personal development.

IMG_89051What do you think of when you hear “Red Cross?”  Most people think of medical emergencies and natural disasters.  Although the Red Cross is famous for those things, that’s not the only thing it does.  For example, the American Red Cross camps teach the campers how to perform CPR, swim, and many other emergency preparation skills.  Unlike most camps, LDC also teaches campers public speaking skills, stress management, vision drawing, how to dress professionally, and sports leadership skills.

LDC is a four-day, three-night leadership camp for students aged 13-16.  Throughout the camp there are small group activities in what they call “family groups.”  Speakers come in and talk about topics such as leadership, teen issues, and diversity.  They also have workshops and classes taught by the high school counselors.


Christina Mayhaus was a camper at LDC when she was in high school, and she went on to become a high school counselor.  She remained a part of the camp all through college as a college counselor, an assistant director, and eventually director.  She is now the Program Director for LDC,  and she enjoys it.


“I love LDC,” said Mayhaus.  “It has made a huge impact on my life, so I would like to help others to get the same things out of it that I did.  That’s why I remain involved.”IMG_64401


For those wishing to join LDC as a counselor or a camper, there are some important things to know.  In July, staff members start their preparations, and the first counselor meeting is generally in October.  Campers start camp in July slightly later than the counselors.  The camp is held on the campus of Xavier University.  To be a camp counselor, students must have attended the camp before as a camper.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to protect and save your fellow citizens, or if you want to improve your social ability, LDC just might be for you.  For more information on LDC and the American Red Cross, see


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