Post PHS Plans

As Princeton starts off its second semester, seniors are finalizing their decisions about what they plan to do after graduating high school. Many students are going off to two and four year institutions while others are joining the military. Odin’s Word wanted to find out the paths that the class of 2015 plans to take after leaving Princeton High school (PHS).

With major economic shifts, most careers are requiring more than a high school diploma. Earning a college degree may guarantee a better paying job and solidify a better future. Not only could college graduates be guaranteed a job, they are more likely to keep that job.

“I’m excited and a little bit scared, but the good kind of scared,” said PHS senior Aziza Genglik. “I’m excited to make new friends.”images

Going off to college can open doors when it comes to making connections. Making these life long bonds often propels graduates through the workforce and can be applied to any social situation. Being surrounded in a diverse environment offers students a happier and healthier life through their interactions with other like-minded students.

“Knowing what college I’m going to is a huge weight off of my shoulders,” said PHS  senior Madison Taylor. “I’ve enrolled, I signed my scholarship contract, and found out my prerequisites.”

Very few students have already committed to a college like Taylor has. These students have been preparing for college since their freshman year of high school. They already know what they want to major in and know what career path they plan to take.

“I don’t know exactly where I want to go,” said senior Jada McCrone. “I want to go to the University of Tennessee because it’s out of state but I also want to go to Kent State because I have family in that area.”

Even though there is little time until graduation, some seniors are still waiting to hear back from colleges. These seniors may have started their college search late, but are still confident that they are able to get into the college that they want to attend. Having options and narrowing down their top choices is what is helping these seniors be successful.

Viking football stars Raekwon Jenkins and Kameron Keeling take part in athletic signing day.

Some of the students who have already committed to a college are PHS athletes who attended the college signing day at the high school on February 3. They were sought out by various colleges based on their academic and athletic talent.

Matt Arroyo, PHS athlete, is one of the seniors who signed on February 3.He committed to Wittenberg University to play tennis.

“Getting accepted into a college and committing to it is like a big weight off of my shoulders and I have less stress,” said Arroyo. “ I get to play the sport that I love to play and get an education”.

Colorado Soldiers Return HomeSome PHS students who aren’t choosing college are considering committing to the military. Princeton has a successful NJROTC program that trains students for the armed forces. Many of the NJROTC seniors have been soldiers in training since their freshman year at PHS. If they choose a military career, they will go in prepared.

No matter where the class of 2015 is going off to, they will leave the walls of PHS prepared to be successful as they follow their dreams.


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