Vikings on a Mission

Every year, thousands of students embark on mission trips around the world, to better the lives of others and their own. Some Princeton High School (PHS) Vikings have joined the crusade and recently flew thousands of miles to help.

Anna Burke, PHS junior, and Colette Beard, PHS senior, traveled around the globe to offer aid to people in need. Burke journeyed to Nicaragua with her church and Beard traveled to Haiti with a group called “Healing Haiti.”nicaraghaiti_map

Burke’s goal during her trip was to help less fortunate populations and assist in treating medical needs.

“A lot of people had parasites and almost everyone was sick,” said Burke. “I really want to help more people. I would love to go back.”

Burke traveled with a medical and vision team whose goal is to improve the lives of underprivileged children.

“It changed my outlook on life and made me more appreciative of what I have and not to take advantage of that,” said Burke.

The country of Haiti welcomed Beard and her church as they participated in “Healing Haiti.” The group was founded in 1979 and its goal is to bring clean water, food, housing, and education to the poor and most vulnerable parts of Haiti.

Beard visited orphanages and schools in some of the most impoverished parts of Haiti. She taught lessons to the kids and provided them with food and water.

“One day we took water to the poorest village called City Solei,” said Beard. “We took a semi truck full of water. We had this huge hose and everyone brought buckets and we filled them up with water. All of the kids were so happy. They dumped the water over their head and danced in it.”

Beard’s involvement in her church and her relationship with God inspire her to go on more mission trips to help people in need.

“I want to take the gospel to the ends of the earth because that’s what Matthews 28 says to do,” said Beard.

Traveling to underprivileged areas of the world greatly affected Beard’s life.

“Going on mission trips had really opened my eyes to how most of the world is living. Most people, on average, live on two dollars a day. We [in the United States] live on so much more than that. Not many people live the way we do,” said Beard.

Over one billion people in this world live in extreme poverty. If you would like to help those in need by going on mission trips, please visit or

Over one billion people in this world live in extreme poverty. If you would like to help those in need by going on mission trips, please visit or


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