Saying Goodbye to an Original

The fence is up and the wrecking ball is doing its work. The walls and halls of the original Princeton High School (PHS) are coming down. Now that the new version of PHS is finishing its inaugural year, demotion of the old high school was started.

Early days at PHS
Early days at PHS

There are a lot of memories within the walls of PHS.

It all started with the donation of 30 acres of land from Marianna Matthews. A state-of-the-art facility was constructed and on September 15, 1958 Princeton High School opened its doors.

Matthews Auditorium
Matthews Auditorium

Over the years the district has expanded its boundaries to Evendale, Glendale, Lincoln Heights, Sharonville, Springdale, and portions of Blue Ash, Deerfield Township, and West Chester Township.

The high school thrived for 56 years and was a great place for students to learn. Just like anything else, it began to age and it became cost prohibitive with continual maintenance problems. In 2011 the Princeton community passed a bond levy to build a new high school and middle school campus to replace the aging facilities.

The construction plan first started off by reconfiguring the roads and parking lots adjoining the buildings. Then in 2012 the walking bridge that used to connect the parking lot to the high school came down. When this was all finished they began building the new schools.

The middle school was finished just in time for the 2013-2014 school year and the high school opened in the fall of 2014.

The administrator of operations, Steve Castator, was able to give us some information on the demolition.

“Right now, the initial phase of the process of the demolition is underway and will take several weeks if not months to complete,” said Castator.

Demolition of original PHS.
Demolition of original PHS.

Recently, an online auction took place that sold many of the materials left at the old building. Several charter schools used this as an opportunity to furnish their buildings.

“Once the demolition is complete, the land will be converted to athletic fields including a new baseball stadium as well as practice fields for other outdoor sports,” said Castator.

As the walls of the old PHS come tumbling down, it triggers some strong emotions in students that attended the original high school. Annaliese Levy, PHS senior, shares with us on how she feels about the demolition.

“It’s really emotional for me because I went there for three years and I have a lot of really good memories,” said Levy.

Earth movers taking down the walls of the original PHS.
Earth movers taking down  walls of original PHS.

The seniors aren’t the only ones who have memories from the old high school. Juniors and even sophomores were able to get their share of memories and experience. London Montgomery, PHS junior, explains how she feels about the demolition.

“When I drove around and saw the building, I saw everything was gone and to me it looked like they didn’t really care about it anymore,” said Montgomery. “I was upset because it’s not a building that doesn’t have memories.”

The original Princeton High School turned out 55 years of graduating classes. The education received within its hallowed halls helped to shape the lives of several generations of Vikings. The building was home to great memories that no one will ever forget. Even when the building is nothing but dust, its legacy will live on for many years to come.

Go Vikes!!


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