It’s Worth the Cost

It’s around this time when senior year is coming to an end and the most pivotal events of the year are right around the corner.  Graduation is the ultimate goal of high school, but there’s one major event that places a close second—prom.

Prom is a traditional event where students are able to dress in their finest clothes and celebrate. For seniors, it signifies the closure of four years of high school. The event is so important in the lives of high school students that both girls and boys are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to make this night the most special night of their life.  Mondy copy

Prom planning varies from person to person. Some people even start shopping for the perfect outfit at the beginning of their senior year. No last minute decisions there.

A big question is: Why do Princeton High School (PHS) students go to these extreme lengths for only one night?  Is it to impress their peers?

“[Prom is important because] it’s like a symbol of my senior year,” said  PHS senior, Ladasia Thomas.

Many people like Thomas also consider prom to be important because it’s the epitome of a blow-out celebration. Unlike graduation, prom is less formal in structure and allows students to have one last semblance of their youth.

One of the many factors that go into prom is the cost. The average total of the prom is approximately $1,139 according to the U.S. News. This cost includes typical prom items such as clothes, limo rental, tickets, and dinner. Add in hair, nails, and make-up, and the expenses pile up. The price continues to increase each year.  Limo copy

Some Princeton students think people should go all out for prom by spending thousands of dollars.  Many juniors and seniors say that there is no limit to how much you can spend.

PHS senior, Josh Hardin said, “ No, if it makes you happy then go ahead and buy it.”

The most critical aspect of prom planning is finding the perfect dress or tuxedo. Getting the right dress for girls is nothing to take lightly. Some girls spend months trying to find the best dress.  The perfect prom ensemble is similar in importance to finding the perfect wedding dress.

PHS prom fashion show.
PHS prom fashion show.

PHS even hosts an annual prom fashion show where the latest fashions hit the high school “runway.”

Dresses range in price.  Bargains as low as $30.00 for a consignment store find are for the more budget conscious.  If the sky’s the limit, prom designs can exceed $800.00.

“I was really excited when I found my dress,” said Thomas. “It was a symbol of my senior year.”

In recent years, finding a date to prom hasn’t been as important as it used to be. It is more common for people to just go with a group of friends. Many seniors prefer attending with their friends because they can all go in on a limo together and spend quality time with each other before their senior year ends.

“You don’t have to be insecure about not having a date to prom,” said Hardin. “It’s important, but not that important.”

All in all, prom is definitely a night to remember for many different reasons. For some it represents the end of memories from high school. Others say it’s the time that they spend getting ready for prom that makes it so special. For everyone who does go to prom, they can agree that prom is an incredible event that celebrates the end of their high school career. It’s a night to remember.

PHS prom fashion show models.
PHS prom fashion show models.

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