Art Students’ Legacies

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As you walk through the halls of the new Princeton High School (PHS), one might start to wonder where the old high school’s culture plays in affect. The truth lies in the art classrooms of the school. Over a period of 8 years, Princeton art teacher Lindsay Holliday has started the creation of a legacy. A legacy that is meant to, and will positively live on, in the bustling halls of PHS.

In the year 2007, Holliday first thought of the legacy projects as a sort of time filler for the end of the year.

“[I thought of it] partly because the AP and IB students finished their exams for art with still some time in the school year,” said Holiday.

With the creative minds of advanced art students leaving the building within a couple of weeks, Holliday decided to help them leave something behind.

“Because it’s their last art class of the year,” said Holliday. “It gives them a chance to leave something behind and also something that underclassmen have the opportunity to look up to.”

After the submission of their exams, the students then collaborate to make a decision on what the whole class wants to do.

“One of my favorite things is watching the problem solving and discussions,” said Holliday. “ I feel like the conversations are open and honest and productive”

The first ever legacy project started in 2007 in the old building of PHS.
“The first couple groups did the chairs and then we did the pole and I divided it up into random organic shapes,” said Holliday. “ They selected their shapes and were allowed to fill it however they wanted with paintings,
collages, and mosaics.”

Tanner Kissel and Emilija Bostogaite, graduating seniors from the class of 2015, were in IB art and completed a legacy project using the chairs. Their class’s legacy project was the only one that came over to the new high school.

“[I loved it] because I got to illustrate a comic character of my creation permanently in the form of furniture,” said Kissel.

\ Their class’ legacy project was the only one that came over to the new high school.

Holliday believes that doing the legacy projects is a chance for students as well the culture of the school to grow.

“I think that it adds to the culture of our school,” said Holliday “It adds a little bit more visual interest to the building and the school environment.”

Holliday didn’t hesitate to give a hint about this year’s legacy project, as she was very excited to see it unfold.

“I definitely think that this year’s will be eye catching, (hint, hint) and be a good representation of what we are and how creative we are,” said Holliday, “ I think it’s cool how everyone was inspired by the same artist. Every one is showing their skills and artistic knowledge.”

Holliday hopes to keep the legacy of the legacy project alive for many years to come.

“ So maybe more 20 legacy projects in this building alone,” said Holliday.


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