McGregor Film Gets More Honors

Congratulations to senior Brynne McGregor. Her film, Every Splinter Split in Half brought home a medal from the Scholastics Art Competition. The national ceremony and exhibit takes place in New York City this June. This is the second award that McGregor has received for her film. Odin’s Word covered McGregor’s journey to NYC where she showcased her work during the All American High School Film Festival. PHS is proud of McGregor!IMG_6628

Here is a link to her film

  • Below is a reprint of the Odin’s Word article written by reporter Alexis Roberts.

Being invited to a film festival is a big deal. Princeton High School (PHS) senior, Brynne McGregor, got the honor of being invited to participate in the All American High School Film Festival held in New York City in October.

McGregor entered her film on a whim, a mere 48 hours before the deadline. Getting a call a few weeks later came as a surprise.

“It was honestly a moment of shock that has yet to wear off. What an honor,” said McGregor.

“Every Splinter Split In Half” was a project that McGregor created in International Baccalaureate (IB) film class.This year will be the second year that PHS offers IB film. It is a class that teaches students about the film industry and film taking techniques. Michael Fielder was Mcgregor’s instructor in IB Film, and he watched as her film-making talents grew.

“The film that’s in the festival is experimental. It is really the next step in her burgeoning voice,” said Fielder. “I’m very proud. [Brynne was part of] a great group of hard working students.”

McGregor got to test her film-making skills on a family trip to Iceland. McGregor’s sister, Blythe, stars in “Every Splinter Split In Half.” The inspiration for the film was a poem that McGregor wrote.IMG_6590

The striking scenery of Iceland’s waterfalls, stark mountains and lush green hills sparked McGregor’s creativity as she shot the scenes for her short film.

“I shot my film in Iceland and everything there is very pretty, so it wasn’t really that hard to get some good shots,” said McGregor.

One of the unique features of the film include the original score.

“I actually wrote the music in the background and also performed it. I play the cello and a little of the piano,” said McGregor. “I wrote the music first then I filmed everything that went around the music.”
McGregor learned a lot about the Scandinavian country and how it differs from America.IMG_6981

“I just think it’s [Iceland] really beautiful. It doesn’t look how it does here [United States] and it’s cool to see it from a different perspective from what we usually see here. The culture is completely different, their language is very difficult to understand, and it’s very diverse so there’s people from other parts of Europe that live there,” said McGregor.

McGregor got to see her artful images of Iceland on the big screen when her film was aired during the All American High School Film Festival in Times Square at the AMC Theater. It was one of 300 films that aired during the festival and was viewed the international group of students that were invited.

“Seeing footage I edited and worked on from a small laptop on a full size cinema screen in the most popular on a full size cinema screen…was insane!” said McGregor.

Has being a part of this experience inspired McGregor to pursue a career in the film-making industry?

“I don’t know yet, but I really like and am interested in cinematography, or maybe something with [film scores], said McGregor.

Whichever direction Brynne McGregor takes, she’ll always be known as a standout PHS Viking.










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