Viking Star Takes Field in Different Role

Mike Daniels, Princeton High School alum, returned to Princeton High School (PHS) to coach his first game as head varsity coach.

Daniels, who was a star quarterback at PHS, lost his first game back as a Viking to West Clermont. The score concluded 13-28. The Vikings are looking to bounce back against their next upcoming opponent, Springfield.

Yoesph Carter, PHS senior and varsity football player, explains his strategy for the upcoming game.

“Our plans are to work harder as a team,” said Carter. “We need to not cramp up as much and look forward to future games, and not games that happened in the past.

The Vikings are scheduled to play Springfield at Springfield’s Evans stadium today, September 1st. Even though the Vikings are not playing at home, we expect both teams to give it their all on the field.

Just like the 2017-2018 school year, the Vikings are rolling on into the new football season.

Justin Bauer, reporter


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