Viking Girls Water Polo is “Killing It!”

water polo

The Princeton Girls Water Polo team has started the season off with a splash.  The team, coached by Rachel Rust and Ben Carnahan, has won 8 varsity games so far.  This season has been a great improvement over last year.

The girls water polo team has picked up wins against Milford, Sycamore, Kilbourne, Sylvania and the Mavericks (a select team).

Jessica Culter, senior and Co-Captain of the girls water polo team, shares how her team has been successful this season so far.

“I think it’s been a team effort and everyone’s worked hard and well together,” said Culter.  “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Riley Haag, sophomore player, expresses what she’s looking forward to this season.

“The Ohio Cup,” said Haag. “I’m excited to hang out with everyone and play games outside.”

The Ohio Cup was a rigorous, yet enjoyable water polo tournament.  It lasted for one weekend in September, and teams from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and other states across the Midwest came to compete.

The Cup concluded this past weekend on September 17th.  The Lady Vikes obtained victories at the tournament over Milford, Worthington B-CD (the combined JV team of Thomas Worthington High School and Worthington Kilbourne High School), and the Columbus Hawks.

Their next home game is on senior night against Milford on September 26th. The team is looking forward to the remaining portion of the season, and are determined to grow as a whole.  Wish them luck!

Ella Hiles–Reporter



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