Rise of Viking Basketball

basketball in net

Princeton boys basketball team is working hard this off season.  From running to  weightlifting, working out everyday is paying off.  Last season, they were a tough, physical team that gave it their all on the basketball court each and every game. Overall, they had a good season. But what’s next for the Princeton High School (PHS) basketball team? Do we see a championship in their future?

The team had a lot of defending centers and scoring guards that had lots of chemistry.

Odin’s Word talks with many PHS varsity basketball players, but one player to look out for is Khalil Davis.

Davis, Sophomore Varsity Guard, is hoping for the season to take a “good-turn.”

“I’m ready to open up the season with a staggering performance,” said Davis. “I hope that the we, the Vikings, can bring home a championship.”

Davis averaged 14.6 points and 6 assists per game last season.

The Vikings basketball season starts in December, and we cannot wait until they get on the court this year and compete at a highly sophisticated level. We expect to see great things and hope to follow this team all the way up to Columbus.  Go Vikes!

Reporter–James Price

                Odin’s Word



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