Teen Drivers Beware

houston cars copy

When Hurricane Harvey dropped almost 50 inches of rain on Houston, Texas, half a million cars were “buried” under water. What does that mean to a teenage in Cincinnati, Ohio?  And in particular here at Princeton High School (PHS)?

Well, the flood of storm damaged cars are making their way to the tri-state. High school is the time when parents are looking for a decent car for their new drivers, at a good price. With the influx of cars from Houston, how can you tell if the used car you may be thinking of purchasing was a victim of a hurricane?

They don’t look like this after a good cleanup job. Damaged vehicles can easily fool the common shopper and new teen drivers with a little work. To stop both young and old car buyers from buying these vehicles they should do an inspection of the car themselves. Buyers should always check the metal parts of the car first, especially the seat rails.The headlights of the car will be foggy on the inside. This is due to the seal being compromised. Always check the trunk of a used car. Life up the carpet and check for signs of mold and mildew. Water will be there if the car was flooded.

check under carpet copy

But what can you do if you aren’t sure of your inspection? Buyers should order a CARFAX or a history report of a similar fashion before buying a vehicle.Another option is having a certified car dealer inspect the car that you wish to buy. With the recent floods in both Florida and Texas, there has been a mass increase of flooded cars being sold off as “used” cars. Buyers should be able to protect themselves while buying a “used” car.

Check out this WCPO report for more information:




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