Keeping Your Head

Italian physician Dr. Sergio Canavero claims that he has “successfully” transplanted a human head from one corpse to another.  During the 18 hour procedure, Dr. Canavero attached the head and fused the spine, nerves, and blood vessels. He said he then stimulated the nerves of the corpse that had undergone the procedure to see if it “worked.”

Some are dubbing Canavero as a real life “Dr. Frankenstein. Previously,he worked  with a Chinese team who successfully connected a monkey’s head to another’s body.monkey head copy

Valery Spiridonov suffers from a muscle wasting disease and volunteered to be the doctor’s first living patient. He has since decided not to undergo the 36 hours surgery.

head transplant surgeon copy

Canavero claims that he has a stack of emails and letters from people who want this procedure, but it is still very much in the experimental stage.  He plans to concentrate on patients that suffer from muscle wasting diseases, such as Spriridonov. Many people are outraged by the concept, but the controversial Italian neurosurgeon has no plans to slow down his research.


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