The White holiday party is an annual event where the major news outlets and politicians rub elbows and everyone makes merry.  Well, not this year!  CNN announced that they would be boycotting the event this year:

“CNN will not be attending this year’s White House Christmas party,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement, first reported by Politico. “In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as his invited guests. We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it if news warrants.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made CNN’s point in her response to the news.


“Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN,” tweeted Huckabee Sanders.


Here’s the question:  Is this okay?  Where has the professionalism of the position of White House Press Secretary gone?  How has it come down to this?

Princeton High School (PHS) proudly claims another White House Press Secretary, class of ’73 graduate, Tony Snow.  Snow was the epitome of professionalism as he represented George W. Bush.  His relationship with the press corps was strong and the thought of him responding in such as unprofessional manner, like Huckabee Sanders, is incomprehensible.


Tony Snow PHS Class of ’73 Grad–Press Secretary for George W. Bush

The attacks by the White House on 1st Amendment rights continue daily and unsurprisingly, Trump responded via Twitter to CNN’s boycott of the holiday party.

Trump  retweeted Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday morning with a message of his own.

“Great, and we should boycott Fake News CNN. Dealing with them is a total waste of time!” he wrote.

1st Amendment rights apply to all of America, not just the press. When will our current administration stop trying to step on them?



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