Odin’s Word Editor is #1

Our very own Odin’s Word editor, Angel Gazaway (class of 2018), went all the way to state this past June and brought home the “W.” Gazaway competed in Columbus during the state final track competition at Ohio State.

“Winning the state title in the 300 meter hurdles was like a dream that came true,” said Gazaway. “It was surreal seeing my name at first, it didn’t truly hit me until the ride back home.”

She was part of the Princeton High School (PHS) GMC award winning girls track team, before making the trek north to go up against the best the state has to offer.GMC champs

Where is our track star now?

Gazaway is still running.  After graduating from PHS, Gazaway moved north. She is now a member of the track team at Eastern Michigan University. When she is not leaping hurdles, Gazaway is majoring in business marketing and music education.

Odin’s Word will continue to follow the track career of one of our all-time favorite staff members.  Stay tuned for more updates.


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