Senator Al Franken to Resign

Senator Al Franken announces that he will resign his senate seat because of sexual misconduct allegations.



Where has the professionalism gone? Yet another diss on the “Fake” news networks.

Today Show Host Fired

Entertainment world is shocked as Today host fired because of sexual misconduct claims.

Here We Go Again

President Donald Trump throws out Pocahontas remark during WWII Veterans honoring ceremony

Odin’s Word November 2017

Check out the latest version of Odin’s Word newspaper. This edition features the PHS marching band in the BLINK! Parade, living with autism, and much more.

Denim All Day Long!

Time for PHS staff members to don their “Canadian Tuxedos” as they show their spirit.

Keeping Your Head

Is he a modern day “Dr. Frankenstein?” An Italian neurosurgeon claims to have successfully transplanted a human head.

Teen Drivers Beware

Hurricane Harvey damaged many cars in Houston and they are coming into Cincinnati. How to tell if the used car you want to purchase has been the victim of flooding.

Real World Barbies

Little girls now have the opportunity to play with Barbies that come in real world body shapes.

Safety in a Digital World

Dr. Tim Conrad visited Princeton High School to help students learn the realities about life online and how to stay safe.
Parents invited to November 28 presentation at 6:30 in Matthews Auditorium.